Saturday, September 12, 2015

One Thousand Gratitudes, Part XL: 25-1

So here it is...

...installment 40 of a 40-piece series.

Ten months, 296 pages, and 127,358 words later, the thing is complete.

This project has been so many things: fun, hard work, eye-opening, redundant at times, and perhaps a touch self-serving and narcissistic.

I hope to keep the bigger-picture meaning of it in mind the next time I feel frustrated about something, and I hope it has, from time to time, been fun to read.

I definitely enjoyed writing it.

One Thousand Gratitudes, Part XXXIX: 50-26

A strange thing occurred in the final run of this series: I finished writing it and then didn't have time to edit the last two pieces and get them posted.

Guess that's how it goes, though.

Anyway, here's the second to last and the last will follow right after it.

Thank you for reading.