Thursday, December 27, 2018

The End of an Era, Indeed

                                                                          (photo courtesy of epagaFOTO)

            April will mark 19 years that I have been back in Kansas City, and to be fair, use of the word “back” there is not geographically honest.

            I bounced around a bit in my youth and any previous area dwellings were all on the Kansas side, but the far reaches of the city that go north, span east, trickle west, and run south are all rooted in this great, great city of ours. It’s not better. It’s not the best. It is not bad and it is certainly not good. Kansas City is a great city for more reasons than I care to list and you care to read. It’s home to many, a lot of whom don’t live here anymore.

            I was once one of those and just as I was gone long enough to start feeling like my new home was home, I was called back to the City of Fountains, the Paris of the Plains.