Thursday, February 17, 2022

The Badass Records Podcast

I think I took all of my frustrations with the #TeamUSA hockey results out on the driveway snow. Having had a handful of hours to process the women's loss (and a little bit longer to stomach the men's), I've moved on (kind of) and am redirecting my focus on a project that appears to finally have a little bit of life in it. 

        And besides, my custom-made USA Hockey flag should be arriving this evening, so...Yay, timing!

But, yes.

That's right.

I'm podcasting.

Don't worry. I know you don't care.

It's fine.


In fact, you've probably heard me run my stupid mouth about it a time or two across the last 11 months. And for that, I sincerely apologize. I honestly think that my dumb brain makes me say annoying shit to people so that I can then try to understand a scenario better or narrow my focus to see the next step through or hurdle some kind of road block.

It's a weird feeling to feel annoyed with yourself because you can't unsubscribe from certain thought clusters up there in the ol' noggin. So, seriously...if you're sick of hearing about it, so am I. I promise.

Anyway, I managed to record an episode (and schedule several more), and it's live out there on the Internet, but more on that in a sec'.